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Budget-Friendly Ways to Redecorate Your At-Home Office

Budget-Friendly Ways to Redecorate Your At-Home Office

With the increase in technology, more companies are discovering ways to accommodate remote employees. The rise in virtual employment also brings a challenge for employees: how do you create a work from home office that makes you both comfortable yet productive? Finding home office decor on a budget can seem like a struggle, but it doesn’t have to be. Here are our top five budget-friendly décor recommendations for turning your dull workspace into the work from home office of your dreams!

  • Change the wall color
  • Wall art and other budget-friendly decorations
  • Find budget-friendly furniture
  • Add some greenery
  • Find your finishing touches


Change the Wall Color of your Home Office

Graphic Designer working at home office desk

When you’re creating a work from home office, it’s essential to define your space. Regardless of your profession, having professional-looking home office decor and a defined space can help motivate you on days when you’re not feeling it. It’s also helpful to have a professional-looking backdrop for video calls. No matter what you start with, it’s entirely possible to find budget-friendly décor for your work from home office.

One of the easiest ways to completely change your home office decor is to change the wall colors. There are thousands of paint colors to choose from, and each one can create a different atmosphere to showcase your budget-friendly decorations. For example, blue paint helps stimulate the mind and increase productivity while green promotes balance and calm.

Here are some of our favorite paint colors that work in nearly every setting and are guaranteed to compliment your home office decor:

  • Repose Gray by Benjamin Moore: Repose Gray is a great neutral that coordinates with practically every style of budget-friendly decorations. If you’re looking to add home office decor that is bright and fun, choosing a more neutral base is an excellent place to start.
  • Surfboard Yellow by Behr: Yellow promotes happiness, and Surfboard Yellow by Behr delivers. This yellow is a perfect balance between bright and relaxing and will help remind you of the sun and sand.
  • Capri Teal by Glidden: If you like the look of the ocean, you’ll love Capri Teal by Glidden. The paint’s blue-green color is excellent for whole rooms or accent walls and pairs perfectly with grays and whites.
  • Wevet by Farrow & Ball: Create a crisp and white canvas to hold your home office decor with Wevet by Farrow & Ball. This color is part of Farrow & Ball’s Easy Naturals collection and is a light white without being too bright.  
  • Fine Black by Magnolia: Create a cozy look with Fine Black by Magnolia. This deep, rich hue is almost black with blue undertones that create warmth without being overbearing.


Budget-Friendly Home Office Decorations: Wall Art

Art print on canvas of a rainbow watercolor treeArt print on canvas of a multi-tone purple mandala

Wall art is one of the easiest, budget-friendly decorations you can use to liven up your work from home office. You can find hundreds of wall art styles to match any theme, color palette, or business type. Pieces range in size from postcard size to multi-canvas options and allow for complete customization.


Choose home office decor pieces that will make your office feel like a professional space that connects you to the work you are doing. For example, if you work best in a calming environment, select pieces from themes such as bohemianinspirationalwatercolor, and yoga or zen prints. For a space that is a bit more fun, take things up a notch in your work from home office with animalcosmic, and nature prints and canvases.


Another great thing about adding wall art to your home office decor is the options for frames and hangings. Leave things more rustic by choosing to forgo a frame or pair a bold print with a vintage gold frame for a focal point. Loftipop has a great selection of budget-friendly decorations and wall art as well as other fantastic home décor pieces, ornaments, and mugs to complete the look of your new space!


Find Budget-Friendly Furniture for your Home Office

Furniture is one of the biggest potential home office decor budget-busters when creating your work from home office. However, it is possible to find affordable furniture; you have to know where to look. Here are some key places to check out when you’re searching for budget-friendly decorations for your new work from home office.

  • Local thrift stores:Your local Habitat for Humanity and other nonprofit-operated stores are a great place to start when searching for affordable home office decor. You can often find expensive pieces at a fraction of the price, especially if you’re willing to slap a coat of paint onto it.
  • Yard sales: Although this one seems a bit obvious, using social media to take note of local yard sales happening in your area is a great way to find budget-friendly decorations for your office. Also, keep an eye out for any business that may be moving, remodeling, or closing down.
  • University or college surplus sales: If you live in or near a college town, reach out and see if the school operates a surplus sale during the year. In many places, furniture that is owned by a state-funded school is sold at a surplus sale when it is no longer needed. These sales are a fantastic option for budget-friendly decorations and home office decor furniture. 


Plants as Home Office Decor

Woman working at home desk surrounded by plants

Even if you can’t grow a weed to save your life, adding some plants to your work from home office is a great way to liven things up and bring new life to an old space. There are several varieties of house plants that are easy to maintain, including the snake plantpothos plants, and aloe. Plus, many indoor house plants are also great for purifying the air in your home. If you truly have a black thumb and can’t keep a plant alive to save your life, find a fake version! It will look cute year-round, never need watering, and you can’t kill it!


Find Your Finishing Touches for your Home Office

Once you’ve repainted, found furniture, added wall décor, and found a plant, it’s time to put the finishing touches on your work from home office. Add some decorative file folders or binders, put some pens in a nice cup on your desk, and put up a few framed photos. Once you add the finishing touches to your budget-friendly decorations, it’s time to get down to business in your new work from home office!


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