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How to Make Your Bathroom a Calming Retreat

How to Make Your Bathroom a Calming Retreat

Everyone deserves a place they can go to unwind. Whether you’re stressed from a long day at work or need to soothe sore muscles after an intense workout, self-care and relaxation are essential to look and feel your best.

Turn your boring bathroom into a calming retreat with these five tips:

  • Find a bathmat and shower curtain that embrace relaxation
  • Select the correct type of lighting
  • Find your favorite smells
  • Hang zen or beach bathroom wall art
  • Keep things organized


Matching Bathmat and Shower Curtain

Aqua shower curtain with cream coral pattern

If you’ve ever been to a spa, you can probably remember the feeling of relaxation that the décor creates. Clean linens in matching colors and styles are great for creating a warm and inviting space. Choose a bathmat and shower curtain that follows the same theme to create a space that encourages calm and relaxation. If you’re into the beach bathroom feel, choose a nautical theme, such as an aqua coral bathmat and a matching shower curtain, a rope bathmat, or a matching octopus shower curtain and bathmat!


Bathroom Lighting

If you’re creating a calming bathroom retreat, lighting can make or break the relaxing vibe you’re going for. Find lightbulbs that embrace the beach bathroom lifestyle rather than make it feel as though you’re under a microscope. Look for bulbs that deliver a bright light similar to what you would receive in the sun. Harsh light can feel unnatural and make it hard to create the real feeling of relaxation that you’re going for.


Candles for the Bathroom

One of our favorite ways to create your very own bathroom oasis is to introduce your favorite scents through candles. A beach bathroom theme lends itself to tons of delicious scents such as warm sand, ocean waves, and a sea breeze. You can also use essential oils or a room mist to add your favorite smells! Just be sure to blow out your candles before you leave the bathroom and always keep your matches or lighter away from children and pets.


Bathroom Wall Art for Relaxation

Four art prints in white on aqua, of a seahorse, lobster, crab, and starfish

In terms of decoration, adding wall art to your bathroom can help pull together your relaxation vibe. Wall décor comes in a variety of themes and is a great way to connect with your bathmat and shower curtain. If you’re going for a beach bathroom vibe, choose a print of sea life or a sunset art print.


Bathroom Organization 

The last step in creating a calming retreat for your bathroom is to keep things organized. Find a place to hang your towels, wipe down the surfaces at least once a week, and use baskets or bins to store items under your sink or on the back of the toilet. Also, don’t forget to wash your bathmat when you wash your towels to keep smells and bacteria at bay!


Whether you’re completing a complete bathroom renovation or looking to add new elements to increase your spa-like experience, Loftipop has a fantastic selection of home décor products, bathmats, shower curtains, and more to create the bathroom of your dreams. Click here to shop their website and find the perfect décor for your home oasis! 

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  • Rachel O'Neill