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Simple Ways to Update Your Home Décor in 2021

Simple Ways to Update Your Home Décor in 2021

After spending almost a year stuck in our homes, many of us are probably getting tired of looking at the same colors and accents. Maybe you were forced to reimagine a spot to meet the demands of a new virtual lifestyle. Whether that called for creating a space for a home office or remote learning or updating a room for more function, our homes had some sort of change to their home décor this past year.

Now that the newly needed workspace has been created, take some time this year to update the rest of your home décor. You don’t have to remodel to give your home a fresh look. Adding pieces like throw pillows, wall art, or wall prints makes it easy to transform your entire space to feel fresh, on-trend, and timeless.


Upcoming Trends for Home Decor

According to interior design experts, some top home décor trends for 2021 will be:

  • bold walls
  • neutral colors
  • nature
  • greenery

By adding these home décor trends into your rooms, you’ll feel like you’ve done a lot and love the way your home comes together with comfort and character without needing a full remodel.

Update Your Entryway with Wall Art

The first step into your home can set the ambiance for your entire house. If you really want to make an impression, go bold—let the entryway standout! For a formal yet modern aesthetic, add a console table and hang contemporary abstract wall art above it. Make the entryway wall a little more exciting with oversized artwork. Choosing large-scale wall art in a vibrant design makes a welcoming statement.

The Splatter Tree Triptych Canvas is bold, bright, and eye-catching. To add more neutral wall art, consider the Love Birds Tree Triptych Canvas with its gray and white design; it lends itself to be cozier, but the three panels still give it a modern edge.

Simply lean some framed wall prints in a more neutral tone against the wall for a new take on the gallery wall.

Wall art of a house in the snowy mountains with trees.


Add a Gallery Wall

If the walls in your home are feeling boring or uninspiring, add a gallery of wall prints. Gallery walls are will never go out of style. They are an opportunity to use wall art to express your style.  Mix horizontals and verticals, vary frame colors and styles, or keep things crisp with symmetry and matching frames. You can work in antique frames for your wall print pieces, too, like with the Vintage Nautical Map art print, or visit a thrift store for some mirrors to add to the gallery wall.


Swap Out Your Throw Pillows

Not even close to anything new, but we're still here for it! Swapping out throw pillows seasonally will also get you excited for what's to come in 2021 and are the go-to way to freshen up home décor in the bedroom or living room. You can liven up your aesthetic by introducing a new, neutral color or watermelon print to make the whole space feel on-trend.  

A couch with throw pillows and wall art on the wall. 

Bring a Vibe to your Bathroom

It's easy to forget a room when it's a small space, mainly because there usually isn't enough useable space for home décor. However, your bathroom is an area used often, so you won’t regret taking the time to update it.

A simple way to make changes to your bathroom is with a new wall color, either with paint or wallpaper. Don’t have time for that? Add a matching shower curtain and bathmat to bring a fun and cohesive feel. Last, surround the space with wall prints to give this small room an eclectic, trendy vibe. You’ll have transformed the space without needing paint and all of the hassle that goes with it.

Updating your home décor with wall prints, throw pillows, and other accent pieces is a cost-effective way to renew and energize your favorite areas at home.

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