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Top 5 Baby Shower Gifts

Top 5 Baby Shower Gifts

Baby showers are one of the most exciting events to attend because you're celebrating the birth of a new little one! However, finding the perfect new baby gifts can be overwhelming, especially if there isn't a registry to go by. Even if you do have a registry, sometimes it's nice to show the new parents that you're thinking of them in a way that's meaningful to them as well as their new baby. If you don't know where to start, don't worry! Here are our top five baby shower gifts.

  • Personalized New Baby Ornaments
  • Family Ornaments
  • Mom Ornaments
  • Custom Year Mom/Dad Est. Mug
  • Art Prints


Personalized New Baby Ornaments

White ceramic round ornament with "Baby's first Christmas", a deer, and a floral border

Depending on the mother’s due date, new baby ornaments can be a fantastic way to surprise parents-to-be with something unexpected during their baby shower. The holidays are an incredibly special time, and celebrating the birth of a baby as well as their first Christmas is one of the most exciting times for new families. A new baby will be exploring all of the sights, sounds, and smells around them, having their picture taken, and receiving their first Christmas gifts.

New baby ornaments are not only special for the family but can be an excellent way to create something sentimental to pass along as the child grows up. Another great thing about new baby ornaments is the variety that they offer. Personalized unisex options, such as this Baby's First Christmas Woodland Deer ornament, are a fantastic choice if you know the name of the baby. You can also find new baby ornaments with personalization for boys and girls.


Family Personalized Ornaments

Blue ceramic round ornament with "First Christmas as a family of three" printed above a drawing of three deer in the snow

For new baby gifts that don't include first names, family ornaments are a fantastic choice! Family ornaments can include personalization with the family's last name or a cute drawing with the date. Some of our favorite family ornaments include the First Christmas as a Family of Three Ornament and the Personalized Family Nautical Ornament. New baby ornaments, as well as family ornaments, are a fantastic way to celebrate the addition of a new baby and can be cherished decorations for years to come!

If you're looking for new baby gifts that mix new baby ornaments and family ornaments, you can't pass up the Pregnant AF Ornament. This ornament is a hilarious way to give the mom-to-be a few laughs, especially if she's expecting a baby in January or February. For expectant parents who are having their very first baby, family ornaments are another fun way to commemorate their last Christmas together as a family of two! 


New Mom Ornaments

White ceramic round ornament with a silhouette of a bear in black with mama printed in script on the inside. EST year at the bottom.

In addition to new baby ornaments, there are also great family ornaments that are mom-specific, and we adore them. One of our favorites is the Mama Bear 2020 Ornament. As we're sure many of you know, being a mom is hard, but it's also the most rewarding experience. Celebrate the dedication that this incredible woman has already put into bringing new life into the world by gifting her this sweet new baby ornament.


Custom Year Mom or Dad Established Mug

White coffee mug with "Mom Est. 2020" in black type

We love new baby gifts that tie in something the parents love. For the parents who love drinking coffee or tea, a Custom Year Mom or Dad Established Mug is a fantastic choice. These mugs are sweet and sentimental, and you can customize them with the year of your choice. To create perfect new baby gifts, mix and match a selection of their favorite coffees or teas with one of these mugs for a gift that they're sure to love.


Nursery Art Prints As New Baby Gifts

White art print with the top half of a baby raccoon head popping up from the bottom of the canvas

When considering new baby gifts, artwork for the nursery can be a thoughtful option. Some of our favorite nursery artwork options include baby animal prints such as this baby raccoonbaby foxbaby polar bear, and baby rabbit! These prints come in sizes ranging from a 5 by 7-inch print to a 24 by 36-inch print. Artwork makes for beautiful new baby gifts because they aren't dependent on the child's age to be relevant. Instead of something that they will outgrow in a few months or a year, these prints will last a lifetime.


Other print options for new baby gifts include inspirational quotes such as this Dream Big Little One print, available in yellow, pink, and blue, as well as this And Though She Be Little Art Print. These prints come in sizes ranging from a 5 by 7-inch print to a 24 by 36-inch print.


Odds and Ends

To round out our official top five list, we wanted to touch on two things that always make great new baby gifts: books and diapers. Books are a popular choice for baby shower gifts. Pick some of your favorites from when you were a child and pair them with one of the ornaments or art prints for a cute gift basket idea. Or stack a handful of your favorite books in a tree shape and add an ornament on top for a sweet Christmas tree!


In addition to books, another popular yet often-overlooked gift idea is diapers. When it comes to new baby gifts, there's no doubt that parents will love new baby ornaments, framed wall art, books, and family ornaments. However, the one gift that nearly no parent will ever say no to is diapers. If you're not a parent, there's no way to explain exactly how many diapers a child uses daily, except that it's a lot.


Whether you're shopping for new baby gifts for first-time parents or hosting a baby shower for seasoned pros, our list of the top five baby shower gifts is a great place to start. Loftipop has an incredible selection of mugs, ornaments, wall art, and home décor products. Shop categories such as humorous, kids and family, inspirational, and even options for Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day, and more. Loftipop also offers free shipping on all orders within the United States!


Celebrate the excitement of parents to be and the little ones they are bringing into the world with the impressive selection of products from Loftipop!


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