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Unique Ceramic Ornaments

Unique Ceramic Ornaments

When it comes to gift-giving, ceramic ornaments are a fantastic choice. These adorable decorations make lovely gifts for various occasions. You can use them for Christmas decorations or to adorn your office or other prominent places in your life. Here are some of our favorite examples of ceramic ornaments and how you can incorporate them into your gift-giving rotations this year!


  • Birthdays and baby showers
  • Christmas
  • Buying a home
  • Celebrating a pet
  • Couples


Gifting Ceramic Ornaments on Birthdays and Baby Showers

Birthdays and baby showers are a perfect time to gift ceramic ornaments. Although it may seem like a bit of a unique gift, looking back on something sweet and sentimental to remember a special occasion is a thoughtful way to show someone you care.

There are dozens of options that will help you find an ornament that matches the style you’re looking for. If you’re celebrating a birth near the holidays, there are adorable Christmas ornament styles that incorporate the birth of a new baby with the feeling of the holidays.

White ceramic round ornament with a silhouette of a black bear with mama written in white script

If you’re looking for something that celebrates the parents during a baby shower, these pregnancy ornaments are two of our absolute favorites:

  • Pregnant AF: This cheeky ornament is a must-have for celebrating a fun-loving mom. Give this ceramic ornament as a gift during the holidays for a few laughs as it hangs on the Christmas tree or place it in a frame with a photo from her baby shower for a sweet memento that she can display year-round.
  • Mama Bear Ornament: If you’re looking for a perfect ceramic ornament for a close friend or family member, the Mama Bear Ornament is a beautiful choice. Give this as a Christmas ornament for her holiday tree or place it in a cute frame and pair it with a few woodland animal wall art prints for the baby’s nursery.


Christmas Ornament Gifts

Blue ceramic round ornament with "First Christmas as a family of three" with three deer standing in the snow

Ceramic ornaments are a popular gift for celebrating with family and friends during the holidays. Christmas ornaments come in a variety of colors, styles, and designs, and are a great way to show someone you’re thinking about them. One of the things we love most about Christmas ornaments is their versatility. You can use these cute and affordable ornaments to say thank you to someone for hosting a holiday get together, celebrate an engagement or wedding, remember a loved one, celebrate a new home, or find your humorous side.


These are some of our favorite Christmas ornament choices right now:

  • Personalized First Christmas in Our New Home Ornament: This Christmas ornament is a fantastic housewarming gift for couples purchasing a new home. The ornament features a personalized last name and the date as a sweet reminder of their new adventure. 
  • Personalized First Christmas as a Family of Three OrnamentWe love this Christmas ornament for its simple and sweet design and personalized nature. Regardless of how they’re adding to the family, celebrating the gift of a new little one is monumental. 
  • Merry Squatchmas Ornament: You’ll be sure to get a few laughs with this hilarious Merry Squatchmas Christmas ornament. If you have a friend or family member who believes in the mystical creature known as Sasquatch, this ceramic ornament is a must-have!


Ornaments for Buying a Home

White ceramic round ornament with "Our first Christmas in our new home" in black script

It doesn’t have to be the holiday season to give the gift of a cute and celebratory Christmas ornament. Using a beautiful ceramic ornament as a housewarming gift is a sentimental way to celebrate friends, family members, or coworkers buying a new home. We love the designs that incorporate the year as well as the address, such as this option!


Pet Christmas Ornaments

Cartoon drawing of a cat face wearing a personalized Santa hat

Adopting a new pet is a huge milestone. Whether you’re looking for a cute ceramic ornament for yourself and your new friend or shopping for a gift for someone special to you, there are a ton of wag-inducing ornament choices to choose from. Here are some of our personal favorites:

  • Personalized Santa Cat Ornament: Celebrate your favorite feline with this personalized Santa Cat Christmas ornament. Whether you have one cat or a collection, you can celebrate each one’s personality with this adorable ornament.
  • Personalized First Christmas Dog/First Christmas Cat: This Christmas ornament is not only a perfect choice to celebrate a new pet, but it’s also a great way to surprise your family with a new addition!
  • Note from Cat/Note from Dog: These Christmas ornaments make great gifts from significant others, although we know your pet would buy it for you themselves if they had thumbs.

Holidays can also be about remembering our furry friends who are with us in spirit. If your friend crossed the rainbow bridge this year, this Personalized Pet Memorial Ornament is a beautiful choice for remembering all of the special times you and your furry friend had together.


Christmas Ornaments for Couples

White ceramic round ornament with "Married AF" and the year in bold black text

Celebrating love with a personalized ceramic ornament is a super sweet way to remember all of the exciting things this year brought you and your significant other. Whether you’re celebrating an engagement, marriage, or another year of wedded bliss, these Christmas ornaments are a fantastic choice. There are also some cute cheeky ones if that’s what you’re going for! 



If you still haven’t found the perfect ceramic ornament for your needs, don’t forget to check out the Loftipop website! There are dozens of Christmas ornaments, wall art, home décor pieces, and mugs to choose from, all at a great price and fantastic quality. Whether you’re looking for something for yourself or someone you love, Loftipop has a fantastic selection of gift options they’re guaranteed to love. Visit the Loftipop website to see for yourself!

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