25 Unique Ways to Use Coffee Mugs

Many of us are guilty of having overflowing kitchen cabinets of all kinds of coffee mugs, but can you blame us? Coffee cups are one of the most practical everyday kitchen items, not to mention they are an easy fallback for personalized gifts for almost every special occasion.

If you’re looking for a new craft that both keeps you busy and helps you clear out your kitchen cabinets, then you’re going to want to stay tuned while we explore 25 new uses and upcycles for your beloved coffee mugs. From mug cakes to home decor pieces, you’ll be sure to find a way to utilize these easy upcycles.

Our Top 25 Mug Upcycles:

  1. Using Mugs as Potted Plants

Adding greenery to your space can make it feel more open and inviting. You can spruce up your kitchen windowsill by displaying your favorite coffee mugs in a new light — literally. You can show off your mugs by potting smaller plants in complementary colored cups.

You can carefully drill in drainage holes to the bottom, but we recommend forgoing this step and simply opting for a plant that does not require much water, like a succulent. You can share your love for plants by potting in our plant lover mug.


  1. Creating a Mug Pen Holder

Whether at home or work, coffee cups have become a staple desk accessory. These mugs don't have to be filled with java to be a helpful accompaniment to your desk. The shape and height of a coffee cup make for a stylish pen and pencil holder. If you're gifting one of your co-workers, consider customizing a mug with their name for a fool-proof personalized gift.


  1. Cooking Mug Cakes

Mug cakes have become increasingly trendy over the last few years, and we understand why. I mean, one serving of your favorite dessert ready in minutes, what's not to love? Coffee mugs are not just for drinking out of. Once you enter the world of mug cakes, dessert will never be the same, and your coffee cups can quickly become one of your favorite pieces of kitchenware.

You can make all kinds of dessert mug creations from your coffee cup collection:

  • Gooey chocolate mug cake
  • Vanilla funfetti mug cake
  • Cinnamon roll flavored mug cake


Whatever flavor profile your sweet tooth is craving, there's a mug cake recipe for it. Check out more mug cake recipes to get inspired.


  1. Purchasing Drink-Themed Personalized Gifts

Everyone loves personalized gifts, especially when the gift comes with a sweet treat too. These drink-themed gifts can be personalized to include a customized coffee mug for commemorating a wedding, engagement, or birthday along with:

  • Hot chocolate powder with marshmallows
  • Teabags with honey spoon and cinnamon stick
  • Fresh coffee beans or grounds with powdered creamer and a reusable stirrer

You can customize the contents of the coffee mug to make this personalized gift genuinely unique to the gift recipient.


  1. Using Mugs as a Piggy Bank

Mugs are a great catch-all for any loose change. You'll be so surprised how quickly you can start to fill your coffee cup with coins.


  1. Making a Mug Makeup Brush Organizer

Makeup brushes are easy to reach when stored in coffee cups upside down. By having a complete view of your brush heads, you can get ready more effortlessly in the morning. Also, a mug will help your vanity space to look less cluttered.


  1. Creating a DIY Candle Jar or Holder in your Mug

Whether you're looking for a holder for a cylindrical candle or looking to make a candle by yourself, coffee cups make the perfect vessel for all of your crafty candle needs. Whether ceramic or enamel, coffee mugs are made to withstand high temperatures already so that you can feel at ease utilizing your coffee cups for candles too!


  1. Vase for Fresh Flowers as a Personalized Gift

Display fresh flowers in complementary colored coffee mugs. This hack works best when flowers are cut short. Fresh flowers in customized coffee cups make an excellent personalized gift for any occasion.


  1. Mug Wall Home Decor

When coffee is one of your favorite parts of the morning, it should be celebrated. Hanging your favorite coffee mugs is a cute way to organize and display your coffee cup collection. Our Coffee Names Art Print is the perfect accompanying decor piece to a mug hanging wall for a cozy coffee nook.


  1. Stringing Mugs into a DIY Bird Feeder

String old mugs filled with suet or birdseed outside to repurpose your coffee cups as decorative bird feeders.


  1. Creating a Mug Candy Dish

Everyone loves reaching into the candy dish from time to time. Spice up your dish by keeping your favorite individually wrapped candies in a cute mug on your countertop or table.


  1. Using a Mug as a Potpourri Vessel

Keep your home smelling fresh with dried flowers and fragrant materials in decorative mugs throughout your kitchen.


  1. Plant Propagation Mug as a Personalized Gift

Propagating can be pretty when you opt for cute coffee cups for your cuttings. Gifting a new cutting and a coffee mug with your recipient’s nameplate is a personalized gift that any plant lover can appreciate. Our Floral Mug is beautifully vibrant with watercolor floral designs and available for customization, making it the perfect personalized gift.


  1. Creating an Incognito Desk Storage Mug

Coffee cups can help to hide any unwanted desk clutter. Consider storing these standard desk supplies in your favorite mug:

  • Loose cords
  • Paperclips
  • Thumbtacks
  • Flash drives


  1. Storing Your Toothbrush in a Mug

Unclutter your bathroom vanity by storing your toothbrush in a cute, on-theme mug. For an extra laugh, check out our To-Do List coffee mug.


  1. Storing Paint Supplies in a Mug

Mugs are a cute way to store paintbrushes and any other craft supplies.


  1. Repurpose Mugs into Mosaic Crafts

You can repurpose broken or chipped mugs into a wide variety of mosaic crafts like serving trays, garden rocks, picture frames, and coasters!


  1. Using a Mug Soup Sipper

Like mug cakes, coffee mugs can be used for eating food, or in this case, sipping. Ditch the spoon and sip your comfort soup right from a mug. This hack is great when you want to use fewer dishes.


  1. Baking Round Cookies with a Mug Cookie Cutter

The perfectly round mouth of a coffee cup is ideal for shaping baked goods, like cookies!


  1. Using Mugs as an All-Purpose Scooper

The handles on the coffee mug make them perfect scoopers for rice, flour, pet food, and so much more. If you have big, bulk containers, you can designate a coffee cup for that specific container.


  1. Tracking Your Goals with Marbles in a Mug

Using two coffee mugs and a designated number of marbles is a creative way to help you track health, wellness, or any personal goals. For example, if you have a goal to be active a certain number of times a week, you can transfer marbles from one mug to another to track your progress for that week.

When all of the marbles have been transferred to the 'full' coffee cup, you know that you've accomplished your goals for that week! If you want to motivate someone in your life, personalized gifts of two mugs for goal tracking will be appreciated.


  1. Dining Table Mug Centerpieces

Cluster an odd number of coffee mugs filled with flowers, candies, and other decors for dining table centerpieces. For fall, mix cinnamon sticks in for a warm scent.


  1. Putting Gift Cards in a Mug

Giving a gift card can seem impersonal, but it doesn't have to be. With a bit of tissue paper and ribbon, you can make a gift card so appealing when nestled into a coffee cup. The coffee mug is a secondary gift that though small, is very thoughtful and is well-used in any household.


  1. Using Mugs as a Yarn and Needle Holder

Use a coffee cup to keep your knitting supplies organized so you never get tangled up. If you’re a knitter, we have the perfect mug for you. Check out our Yes I Really Do Need All This Yarn mug for your knitting supply storage needs.


  1. Creating a Mug Terrarium

Terrariums are a low-maintenance garden that is as simple or complex as you make it. These decorative terrariums are easy to DIY - gather supplies such as moss, rocks, and small air plants, then assemble in the coffee mug of your choice.

Whether you need a morning pick-me-up or more ways to utilize your coffee cups, Loftipop has you covered. Visit us online to view our complete collection of mugs, ornaments, and home decor that make lovely personalized gifts.