About us

Our story began in the paradise we call home: Sarasota, Florida.

We met. 

We fell in love. 

We got a house. 

We got married. 

But guess what? That was just the beginning!

Long before we began this adventure we call Loftipop, we knew we wanted to work together. We were motivated to blend our creative passions in a way that brings positivity, fun, and inspiration into the lives of others. 

We pushed forward with our goals of owning a business. What started out as a small husband and wife adventure in our living room in 2013 has now grown into our own 2,500 square foot warehouse and studio where we print over 50,000 mugs each year. 

Rachel handles our business development and is our marketing guru. 

She is best described as a health and wellness junkie with a mix of crazy cat lady meets book nerd. Her various interests and passions are a driving force behind what makes Loftipop everything it is today.

Ryan designs all of our drinkware. He has a killer eye for detail, and his sense of humor comes alive in some of our favorite designs.

Together, our creative vision has flourished into a dream come true. We truly believe our playful mix of styles embraces who we are as a team. Many of our designs reflect something very special to us. We like to think it’s our broad range of interests that provide us with the opportunity to design an eclectic range of drinkware. We hope this shines through as you browse through our shop.


Rachel & Ryan