Loftipop New Arrivals

There's always something new at Loftipop! Whether you're shopping for Christmas ornaments or wall art, we have something that you'll fall in love with. Our latest arrivals are a throwback to some of the best times in our lives, and we know you'll love them as much as we do! Take a trip down memory lane below with our custom birth year retro coffee mugs.

  • 1990s Retro Coffee Mug
  • 1980s Retro Coffee Mug
  • 1970s Retro Coffee Mug
  • 1960s Retro Coffee Mug


1990s Retro Coffee Mug

White coffee mug with customization 1990 birth year, with a bright triangle graphic underneath

Throw it back to Y2K, Britney and Justin's matching denim outfits, and Beanie Babies with our 1990s Retro Coffee Mug. Our 1990s mug features a vibrant blue, green, and purple design with the word "vintage" in cursive. Our favorite thing about this mug is that you can personalize it with your birth year to show everyone exactly how retro you are. Pair this mug with a candy necklace and a DVD of Spice World for the perfect gift for yourself or any of your millennial friends!


1980s Retro Coffee Mug

White coffee mug with customization 1980 birth year, with a bright purple, turquoise, and pink rainbow stripe underneath

If you loved wearing slap bracelets, imagining you were Rainbow Brite, and listening to your Walkman, you were probably born in the 1980s. Reminisce about some of your favorite trends that the decade of your birth brought the world while you sip coffee or tea from your new personalized 1980s Retro Coffee Mug. This mug features three stripes in black, teal, and pink with a distressed look to bring back all of your favorite retro vibes. Personalize this mug with the year you were born or personalize it with the birth year of a friend for an excellent gift. You can even create an 80s themed gift basket by pairing this mug with a Rubik's cube, a bag of Cool Ranch Doritos, and a Skip-It!


1970s Retro Coffee Mug

White coffee mug with customization 1970 birth year, with a brown, yellow, and red rainbow graphic underneath

Music was a massive part of the 1970s culture! If you grew up during this decade, you were in love with mood rings, pet rocks, and playing rock and roll on your 8-track. Our 1970s Retro Coffee Mug embraces the colors and style of the decade with curved lines in burgundy, red, yellow, and orange. A retro font spells out "vintage," and you can personalize the birth year of your choice to make this mug your own! If you want to gift this mug to a friend, try painting a rock with an encouraging phrase and pair it with a mixtape or your favorite movie from the decade.


1960s Retro Coffee Mug

White coffee mug with customization 1996 birth year, with red, white, and blue thick stripes underneath

The 1960s were a crazy decade with music, books, movies, and fashion. If you love listening to Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin, reading To Kill a Mockingbird, and watching Bonnie and Clyde or The Graduate, you probably grew up in the 60s! Our Custom Birth Year 1960s Retro Vintage Coffee Mug is a fantastic choice for coffee or tea. Purchase it for yourself or gift it to a friend or parent. This mug features blue, pink, yellow, and burgundy lines in a wave pattern with a font style that is perfectly reminiscent of the decade. Pair it with an old record from The Beatles or Dean Martin and pick up a copy of Harper Lee's novel for a sweet and sentimental gift idea.


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