The Best Mugs for Book Lovers

Bibliophile. Book nerd. Unpaid librarian. Chances are most of us know one, whether you realize it or not. Those who love books also love the daily reminders of their literary obsession. At Loftipop, we have a great selection of book lover gift options to celebrate the literary lover in your life.


1. Yes I Really Do Need All These Books Mug

White coffee mug with "Yes I really do need all these books" in black text with an image of a stack of books

When you're a true bibliophile, there never seems to be enough space on your bookshelves — though a lack of space never seems to stop you. True book lovers have almost certainly been asked, "Do you really need all these books?" Embrace your passion for literacy with this beautiful book mug that answers the question you're sick of hearing. Grab this mug, make your favorite beverage, and curl up on your couch with the book of your choice and read to your heart's content.


2. It's Not Hoarding if it's Books Mug

White coffee mug with "It's not hoarding if it's books" in black text, surrounded by piles of books

Are librarians hoarders? Of course not. Libraries are some of the most beautiful places on earth if you ask us, and we believe that you should have as many books as you want. How many books are too many books? There is no such thing. As this book mug so eloquently states, "It's not hoarding if it's books."


At Loftipop, all of our mugs are printed with eco-friendly and lead-free ink and hold 11 ounces of whatever drink — or ice cream — you choose. The mugs feature their design on both sides and are dishwasher and microwave safe – perfect for any book lover gift!


Gifts for Book Lovers

The literary-themed mugs from Loftipop are an excellent gift for yourself or anyone you know who loves a good book. There are so many different ways that you can create unique gifts for your friends and family members with our collection of mugs! Here are a few of our favorite ways we've seen these mugs gifted.

  • Coffee and chocolate, anyone? Purchase your favorite mug and place it inside a cellophane bag. Inside the mug, layer a selection of candies — we love chocolates! — until the mug is about three-quarters of the way full. Grab a gift card to a local bookstore and place it into the mug with the candy. Tie some festive ribbon to close the bag, add a tag, and you're good to go!
  • Drinking tea or coffee can be a great pairing with a good book. For a great gift idea, buy a book mug, a cute bin or basket, and some shredded paper filling. Place the filling inside the container and then add the mug in the center. Add the coffee or tea around the mug and accessorize with a cute card. You can even add a gift card if you want!
  • Books and cats tend to go together. If you have a friend who loves both, purchase our books and cats mug along with a few cat toys and package them together in a gift bag. You could also add a blanket, some tea or coffee samples, or a cat-themed bookmark to the bag!


Whether you're looking for a gift for yourself or someone else, we know you'll find the perfect book lover gift in our collection of literary-themed mugs. At Loftipop, we also offer a variety of literary-themed pillows and wall art! Check them out and take home your favorites today!