Humorous Mugs

Everyone needs a good laugh. Laughing burns calories, improves your mood, and brings joy to those around you. Start your day off with a smile when you enjoy your coffee with one of our witty mugs.
If you like puns, witty sayings, and just downright good humor, you’ll love the collection of funny mugs that Loftipop has. These mugs are a great way to help get you through the Monday blues, cheer you up when you’ve had a bad day, or bring a laugh to a friend or family member on any occasion.
Our funny mugs will instantly become your top favorites when you reach into your cabinets. Styles include “Tits Up,”Best Effin Friend,” “Namaste Here & Drink My Coffee,” and our famous “To-Do List” mug that includes “Wake Up, Drink Coffee, Poop, Be Awesome.” Lounge around or get down to business (no pun intended) with one of our humorous coffee mugs!  
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